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Twenty Most Desirable Single Men on the Planet. They are Quite Catch!

Prince Harry, Leo DiCaprio, Sergey Brin Bachelors

Every year Forbes and other reputable issues prepare the top lists of the most successful men on the planet. There’s good news! Some of them are still single and they are quite catch boyfriends for any lady. Some men are not just rich; they are incredibly good-looking and charismatic too. So, read about these enviable and desirable fiancés and take your notes!

1) Prince Harry

Prince Harry enviable bachelor

He is tall and elegant, like his late mother, Princess Diana, and rich and courageous, like his father, Prince Charles. Prince Henry Charles Albert David (the born name of the royal) was nicknamed in press as “The Happy Prince”, because smile never disappears from his face. Still young (Prince is 32), he got brilliant education at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Prince Harry, who had never been married officially, can easily be called the most desirable fiancé on the planet, if not to take into consideration his reputation. It’s a pity, but The Happy Prince, who smoked marijuana, drank alcohol and showed rude gestures, was often shot by paparazzi.

2) Eduardo Saverin

Bachelor Eduardo Saverin

The owner of $5 billion net worth, the co-founder of FaceBook and the founder of venture fund, Eduardo Saverin takes the second place in the list of most enviable fiancés. His charm (and billions on his account) attracts numerous women all over the world. Portrayed in the movie “The Social Network” by terrific Andrew Garfield, Eduardo has a lot in common with this actor. He met Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard University, and two gifted students created FaceBook – the phenomenal company. Later two friends were involved into a lawsuit, which proved Saverin’s status of FaceBook co-founder. The good boy Eduardo spends some part of his billions for charity – he founded a charity portal Aporta. Probably, the other part of his billions he will spend for his special lady, but he hasn’t found her yet.

3) Jared Leto

Most Desirable Single Men. Jared Leto

If you think, that Cameron Diaz has great taste, probably, you will like her chosen one too. She used to date Jared Leto in 2002-2003 and they were even engaged for some time. Currently the diligent actor Jared Leto is incredibly busy with his movie roles and singing gigs. Probably, that’s the reason of his loneliness. The star of “Panic Room” and “Requiem for a Dream” is 45, but he looks much younger of his age. The secret of his great shape is vegetarian cuisine and regular workouts. In his free time Leto prefers to be active. He is a great fan of skateboarding and rock climbing. The creative personality, Jared likes reading and painting too. Great potential fiancé, isn’t he?

4) Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld

Single Man Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld

If you love art, refinement and elegance in each detail, then you will definitely like Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld. The son of Vogue ex-chief editor, Vladimir was educated at University of Southern California, where he studied cinematic art. Now he earns his living as an art dealer and runs the company Feedback Ltd. Vladimir is a kind of rebel. He came from incredibly rich family, but chose his own way, moved to New York and decided to deal with art. Now he speaks to his father more often that to his mother, with whom he had been in conflict for some time. Vladimir is currently single, although he used to date a fashionista Giovanna Battaglia. He prefers strong coffee without sugar and women, who like art more than money.

5) Adam Scott

Twenty Most Desirable Single Men. Adam Scott

Adam Scott gained international recognition as a golf player. Born in Adelaide, Australia, he started to play golf at a kindergarten age. Both of his parents were pro golfers, and they coached the boy. In 2000 Adam started to play professionally and soon was ranked as one of the best world players. In 2013 he became the first Australian player, who got a victory at the Masters Tournament. He is currently single, but the athlete is very capricious, when it goes about women. He used to date the most beautiful ladies in the world – an actress Kate Hudson and a tennis player Ana Ivanovic.

6) Idris Elba

Most enviable bachelors Idris Elba

A hottie Idris Elba, the actor of such movie hits as “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “Luther”, was married twice. Now he is single again, so he becomes an enviable fiancé! The son on a clerk (mother) and the Ford plant worker (father), he was born in London. He took music and drama lessons and debuted on TV in the series “The Bill”. He was rumored to date Madonna for a while, but now his heart is free. Try your luck, if you like children, as the actor is a father of two.

7) Sergey Brin

Twenty Most Desirable Single Men. Sergey Brin

Forty-two year old Sergey Brin is known as a mega successful American businessman. The co-founder of Google and developer of the special department Google X, Sergey was married Anne Wojcicki, the mother of his two children. They say Sergey had an affair that was the reason of his divorce. He is rumored to date a TV personality Sheyene Gerardi, but their relationships seem not to be very serious and Sergey Brin is still an enviable bachelor.

8) Chris Evans 

Chris Evans as most desirable bachelor

Chris Evans is an outstanding American actor, whom you could see in such movies as “The Avengers”, “The Iceman” and “Gifted”. No need to say, that Chris, who is currently single, is a secret dream of any woman. The tall brunette with shining blue eyes is in great physical shape. He trained a lot, while he was preparing to portray his stellar hero Captain America. The huge sports enthusiast, Chris shares his time between acting and exercising. In his free time he likes to paint. The star has never been married, but he used to date a star Sandra Bullock and some other actresses.

9) Jan Koum

Jan Koum desirable bachelor

If there was a male version of Cinderella story, Jan Koum would be its main hero. Born in Kyiv origin (Ukraine), he immigrated with his mother to USA. His father left the family, and future billionaire was brought up by a single mother, who made her fortune as a babysitter. Jan started to work in his teens as a cleaner to support his mom. Everything has changed, when Jan Koum entered San Jose State University, where he studied programming. Jan earned billions of dollars as the co-creator of WhatsApp service. 41-year-old Richie has never been married, but he used to date a model Evelina Mambetova.

10) Ian Michael Nelson

Desirable Single Men Ian Nelson

Most part of single men in our list is in their 30s of even 40s. But this 22-year-old hazel-eyed young man is a great surprise for young readers. Ian Nelson is an aspiring actor, who has already starred in several film hits, like “The Judge”, “The Hunger Games” and “Like Me”. The pretty boy has already been nicknamed in press as the young hope of Hollywood. Handsome, active and waiting for his diva moment, Ian Nelson is the youngest enviable bachelor in our list.

11) Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill enviable fiancé

Superman Henry Cavill has everything to seduce any woman. He is wealthy, cute and popular. The British-born actor rose to fame as Clark Kent from “Man of Steel”. Now he can boast with star roles in such hits as “The Tudors”, “Batman v Superman” and “Sand Castle”. Henry was engaged to a horse rider Ellen Whitaker in 2011, but currently he is absolutely single.

12) Conor Kennedy

Twenty Most Desirable Single Men. Conor Kennedy

One more young prestigious single man is the representative of noble American family. The son of Robert Francis Kennedy Jr., the grandson of Robert Francis Kennedy and the grand-nephew of American’s late president John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Conor is what any girl wants. The young socialite and philanthropist, he spends his free time, defending whales (in cooperation with Ocean Alliance) and arranging fights in bars. Conor was arrested in February, 2017 for striking an unknown man. Kennedy Jr. insisted he wanted to defend his friend.

13) Elijah Wood 

Bachelors Elijah Wood

The most famous hobbit in the world, Elijah Wood turned 36 in January, 2017. He may not be toweringly tall, but he has innocent blue eyes and childish to some point smile, which crashed the hearts of numerous women worldwide. Nevertheless, he is still single. Lord of the Rings actor was in relationships with a musician Bijou Phillips and a drummer Pamela Racine. His most popular movies include “Maniac”, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, “Hooligans” etc.

14) Alexander Soros

Alexander Soros single man

The son of a successful investor and billionaire George Soros, Alex has recently turned 32. He got great education at the University of New York and the University of California. Soros Jr. got wide recognition as a sponsor and philanthropist. He supports financially the Jewish Funds for Justice; supported campaigns of popular politicians, including Barack Obama in 2008. Currently Alex Soros is single.

15) Jeremy Renner

Most Desirable Single Men. Jeremy Renner

Forty-six year old actor Jeremy Renner started his career about 2 decades ago. He had to wait for his finest hour for a long time and rose to stardom, having played alongside Ben Affleck in “The Town”. Twice Oscar nominated bachelor spends his free time at home. His favorite room in the house is home bar. Jeremy likes to make drinks for his pals. He is interested in architecture and refurnishes his house all the time. Probably, his house needs a lady. Jeremy Renner was married a model Sonni Pacheco. He is a father of 4 year old daughter.

16) Leonardo DiCaprio

Twenty Most Desirable Single Men on the Planet. Leonardo DiCaprio

No need to introduce you this famous single man. Leonardo DiCaprio, an Oscar winning actor, modeled numerous modern romantic heroes on the screen. Jack Dawson from “Titanic” and Jay Gatsby from “The Great Gatsby”, Leo is still looking for the main lady of his life. Ex-boyfriend of beauties Blake Lively and Gisele Bündchen, Leo remains a bachelor in his 42.

17) Jeremy Lin 

Enviable Bachelor Jeremy Lin

Athletes are great husbands as they are well-shaped and self-disciplined, have no bad habits and earn lots of cash. Jeremy Lin is one of the most famous basketball players in the world. He got recognition in 2010, when signed a deal with Golden State Warrioirs. Later he performed for New York Nicks and Los Angeles Lakers. Currently he is playing for Brooklyn Nets in NBA. Jeremy is one of few Asian players for NBA. He is 28 and he is still single.

18) Nikolai Von Bismarck

Most Desirable Single Men. Nikolai Von Bismarck

Nikolai Von Bismarck is a famous German-born photographer and philanthropist. He comes from a noble family and is the great-grandson of Otto von Bismarck, German councilor, who played a key role in unification of Germany in the 19th century. Nikolai Von Bismarck, who is 30 now, was dating Kate Moss for a while in 2015. But at the present moment he is single and handsome, if you know what I mean!

 19) Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey Bachelor

Jack Dorsey, a talented American programmer, founder of Twitter and Square Inc. paying system, has big blue eyes, a beard and one billion of dollars on his bank account. But there’s one thing he still hasn’t. He hasn’t a wedding ring on the third finger of his left hand. He has been in on and off relationships with a TV personality Kate Grier, but Jack still remains an enviable bachelor.

20) Ed Westwick

Ed Westwick and other enviable single menThe last but not the least in our list is a bachelor Ed Westwick. Gossip Girl star was dating an actress Drew Barrymore and an actress Phoebe Tonkin. Ed rose to fame in his early 20s and now, in his almost 30, he is a bright Hollywood star. He appeared in “Chalet Girl”, “Freaks of Nature”, “Take Down” and other great films. In his everyday life Ed is a fan of soccer and plays it quite often with his friends. He likes tattoos and smokes too much, probably. Ed is a great sleepyhead and can get up at 4 pm at weekend. He never gets out, when it is cold in the street and reads a lot. One of the most handsome bachelors in the world has lots of female fans. Probably, he is waiting for someone special. 

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