Trippie Redd Height and Weight

Trippie Redd is 5'6"/167.5 cm tall and he weighs 139 lbs/63 kg

Height: 5'6"/167.5 cm

Weight: 139 lbs/63 kg

Shoe size: 7/40 (EU)

Measurements (chest-waist-biceps): 38-32-35 in / 96-81-89 cm

Ethnicity: Mixed

Hair Color: Black (natural) but he often tends to dye his hair “red” or “purple”

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Michael White is one of those guys who can become the king of the new era (in the music of course) in the coming years. Big 14 has expressive vocals and an extremely corrosive manner of performance, which already brings him serious dividends. Unlike his colleagues, Trippy draws more to Rock than to R’n’B, and this helps him to stand out from other sweet-voiced singers.

Today rock, along with all its subgenres, has merged with rap music in a new way and much more organically. All of today's “rockstars” are born precisely in the framework of hip-hop. In such a case, Trippie Redd more than successfully hit this wave.

Slippy Reed likes to hype around. He has an incredible talent to confront conflicts, where he could have figured it out. Of course, the only reason for all this is the desire to get into the field of view of ordinary people as often as possible. Looking at Trippie’s public image, a strong feeling is created that he simply does not know how to swear “quietly”. Even when it comes to good friends he inexplicably makes an entire reality show out of it.

Trippie Redd's body measurements are 38-32-35 / 96-81-89 cm


Name: Michael Lamar White IV

Nickname: Trippie Redd, Lil 14, Big 14, Slippy Reed, Big Daddy 14

Date of Birth: June 18, 1999

Place of Birth: Canton, Ohio, the USA

Place of Residence: Los Angeles, California, the USA

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Education: Trippie Redd was a good student and obtained a GPA score of 4.0 in high school in Canton, Ohio.



1) Mulan Vuitton (2016-18) – this adorable Latina Instagram model dated Lil 14 in 2017. Later Trippie ended their relationship because of the cheating rumors. Looks like a scout was watching Mulan. Or someone came up with this idea and Slippy Reed went for it. No one knows the truth. However, in 2018 Trippie wanted to rekindle things which was turned down by Mulan in her live Instagram streaming.

2) Aylek$ (2017-18) – he made lots of videos with her. At the same time, Big Daddy 14 didn’t like it when people wrote to Aylek$ on her Instagram. He menaced everyone who did and tried to do that. Unfortunately, it didn’t do any good and they broke up. That was when Redd decided to get back to Mulan.

3) Coi Leray (2019-present) – it seems like they are worth each other. Just like Trippie, Coi is amusing and prefers to lead a “funny” way of life. Most of all they like to make jokes and experiments (for example, with McDonald’s food). But that’s not all. Many times these two have generated some heat for the public by their numerous separations and reunions.

Trippie Redd with his current girlfriend Coi Leray

Children: None

Favorite food: Cheese, Chocolates

Favorite color: Unknown

Awards and Honors:

Trippie’s career has been growing rapidly and his songs have placed high on the world’s top charts. Despite this, Redd hasn’t got any awards yet. But it’s a start and the best is yet to come.

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