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Top 7 Tallest People Ever

These individuals get everyone’s attention right after crossing the threshold of their houses. Every time they show up at crowded places people start going after them in a hope to see them closer. That happens because of one eye-catching feature which makes them really special, unique and in some way charming. Well, of course, you’ve probably guessed what is at stake. It’s all in the height. Mother Nature allowed these people to watch the world from the above.

At present, such phenomenon can be explained with the help of several medical theories. Here belong Sotos syndrome, Marfan syndrome, pituitary gigantism, acromegaly, and eunuchoid tallness.  In fact, these particular physical states are able to provoke a person’s growing beyond the norm. The most widespread force that makes people start getting taller and taller is probably pituitary gigantism. It shows itself in the oversecretion of growth hormone from cells. Therefore, it may proceed in the pituitary gland or emerge from a tumor that is situated at the same place. All of this takes place on the basis of the human brain. To tell the truth, lots of men and women all around the world tend to grow really big due to this very condition.   

So who are these 7 tallest people ever? Do you want to know? If yes, then just keep reading and don’t miss anything. You are going to be very surprised.

7. Bernard Coyne – 8 Feet 2 Inches (2 m 49 cm)

Bernard A. Coyne was born in Anthon, Iowa, the US. His exact date of birth is July 27, 1897. Bernard’s parents were Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Coyne. The main reason explaining the fact that he didn’t stop growing is eunochidal infantile gigantism or in other words daddy-longlegs syndrome. No one knows the real height of this incredible man at the time of his death. Obviously, Bernard could have been even taller when his life was cut so cruelly short in 1921. That year was last in his life. Unfortunately, Coyne was only 24 when he died.  In accord with The Guinness Book of World Records, this giant wanted to take part in the First World War but he was denied because of the specific physical build. His draft registration card from August 29, 1918 determines the height of almost 8 feet. Overall, Bernard Coyne was considered to be the tallest man in the whole world at that time.

6. Sultan Kösen – 8 Feet 3 Inches (2 m 51 cm)

In fact, Sultan Kösen is the number one in the list of the tallest people who are still alive. He came into this world on December 10, 1982. The giant’s occupation is farming. All members of his family are ordinary people with typical height and they all live together on a big farm. What’s more, he is happily married. Sultan always has the support of his wife, parents, sister and three brothers. He finds lots of advantages in being tall because he is able to help his family with domestic work like changing light bulbs and hanging curtains.  Like in most cases, the thing that didn’t let him stop getting bigger was a tumor of the pituitary gland. In 2010 doctors at the University of Virginia medical school agreed to help Sultan. And thanks to their magical hands he got rid of this problem. They used the technology of radiosurgery, commonly known as Gamma Knife to eliminate this formation. It ended up with great success and in two years after the operation the surgeons managed to block his growing abilities. From that very moment Sultan feels better and enjoys every single day of his life.

5. Edouard Beauprè – 8 Feet 3 Inches (2 m 51 cm)

This one took almost everything from his short life. Edouard Beauprè was born on January 9, 1881 in Saskatchewan, Canada. His family was huge, it consisted of 22 members and Edouard was the first child. It’s incredible but he had 19 siblings.  In early childhood Edouard dreamed of being a cowboy but it just wasn’t meant to be. At the age of 21 the giant decided to get in Barnum and Bailey’s circus. Then, this strongman and circus freak became a real superstar there. Edouard Beauprè was declared to be the tallest strongman and wrestler ever. It is sad to say but he spent his short life tormenting from tuberculosis. Beauprè had often had feelings of absolute weakness and dizziness. This unique man died when he was only 23. Right after his death doctors who examined his body found out that he also had a pituitary gland tumor. Besides, they assured that he would grow taller if he hadn’t died at such an early age.

4. Väinö Myllyrinne – 8 Feet 3 Inches (2 m 51 cm)

This Finnish Record holder was born on February 27, 1909 in Helsinki. He was also the tallest soldier in the world at that time. This is because he spent a considerable part of his life serving the Finnish Armed Forces. In addition, Väinö showed himself as a wrestler and circus participant. After his military service the giant started his own chicken farm. Frankly speaking, he lived a quite happy life until his death in 1963, he was 54 at that time. Väinö had two growing periods, when he was 21 and in late 30s. His another record is for having the largest palm in history. In his case, the anomalous growth was caused by acromegaly that usually goes together with gigantism.

3. John F. Carrol – 8 Feet 7.5 Inches (2 m 63 cm)

John F. Carrol is frequently called the Buffalo giant thanks to his place of birth. This New – Yorker was born in 1932 and makes up the top 17 human beings who have obtained the height of more than 8 feet. When John turned 16, somehow he began to grow very fast and this process ended only when he died in 1969 at the age of 37. Unlucky for him, the treatment didn’t work and doctors couldn’t save him. Frankly speaking, his living wasn’t that easy, he had serious issues with health. It was two-dimensional spinal curvature or kyphoscoliosis. This severe illness had been poisoning his tough life. Some people believe that his height could have reached the shocking 9 feet if he had survived.

2. John W. Rogan – 8 Feet 11 Inches (2 m 72 cm)

Being the second in the list of the tallest people in history this African-American suffered a lot. His exceptional state afflicted him the entire life. It was serious ankyloses that troubled every day of his existence. This disease influences the joints and it makes them rigid. In such cases, humans are not able to walk at all. The same happened to him. John Rogan (also known as "Bud") was born in Tennessee in 1868 in the family of a former slave. His parents had 12 children, John was the fourth one. Despite everything he didn’t give up and tried to earn money at all costs. It was impossible for John to find a suitable job so he decided to sell his own pictures and postcards at the local train station. In order to get there Rogan needed a sort of a vehicle and he successfully made one for himself. He built a goat cart that was pulled by several goats. John was famous but he always refused to be involved in carnivals and side shows. By 1905 his health state had deteriorated and he died. There is one detail of his funeral that seems to be very interesting. The thing is that John Rogan had to be buried under the concrete coating just because there were lots of inquisitive scientist who wanted to examine his body.

1. Robert Wadlow – 8 Feet 11 Inches (2 m 72 cm)

Actresses Maureen O'Sullivan and Ann Morris stand next to giant Robert Wadlow. Wadlow was eight feet, eight and one half inches tall at the time this photo was taken. At the time of his death he was eight feet, eleven inches tall. ca. 1938 Hollywood, California, USA

The Alto Giant or the Giant of Illinois was born on February 22, 1918 in the US. At the time Robert turned 8 his father was far shorter than him. After school Wadlow wanted to study law so he entered Shurtlett College. His height disturbed him but he never complained even when he couldn’t walk without leg braces. The explanation of his phenomenal supersize is hypertrophy of the pituitary gland. This disorder made his legs less sensitive and doctors were helpless because the medical science of those times wasn’t that advanced. In general, Robert liked public appearances and obtained his popularity after joining the Ringling Brothers Circus and their shared tour in 1936. His short life ended on July 15, 1940 because of an infection that had damaged his organism against all medical efforts. 




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