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Top 5 Skinniest People

Almost 40% of the world's population put up a struggle with excess weight. However, every once in a while you may meet people who wish to gain some kilograms. There are several reasons for such a decision and it usually happens when things go wrong after hard dieting. Sharp weight loss has a very negative impact on health and a lot of modern women exhaust their bodies in the pursuit of beauty.

All nutritionists come to an opinion – rapid slimming treatments are very dangerous. In our time the outcome of losing a great deal of weight is known as anorexia. It’s when the organism simply doesn’t accept food and in some cases, this disease can lead to death. At the same time, there are other grounds for being extremely thin. We are talking about several health states or illnesses that can result in losing weight. Some people are just born that way and they cannot change anything.  

Okay, it seems like you are beginning to see the light and you won’t make mistakes like our top 5 skinniest guys did. So you better get comfortable because this is going to be something really unbelievable.

5. Tom Staniford

Tom Staniford is 1,91 cm tall and he weighs 65 kg

Tom Stanford definitely earns to be placed on this list. He’s evidently the thinnest man on Earth. He was born on July 1, 1989.  During his childhood, Tom had moved to a wide variety of places, for instance, Hamburg, Greenwich, Bath, Leicester, Cyprus, Kuwait, and Wales. It sounds crazy but Tom was perfectly normal as a child. Over time, however, he started losing weight and it was all by leaps and bounds.

At present, he’s 1,91 cm tall and he weighs 65 kg. According to doctors’ examination, he is sick with a very rare disease, namely MDP-syndrome. There are only 8 people in the whole world with such a case. This ailment appears due to a genetic mutation that causes gene changes. It hinders adipose tissue from being stocked underneath the skin. The same thing happened to Tom. This disorder began to develop during adulthood and caused a number of complications. Even now when the young man is 28 the situation hasn’t changed for the better. His face and limbs are practically devoid of subcutaneous fat.

Therefore, he always feels pain in the legs. In fact, his poor bones have to bear his entire body weight. What’s more, Tom needs to be as careful as possible, because any fall can lead to traumas and fractures. Besides, Staniford does not hear well without a hearing aid, and he is also a type 2 diabetic. However, his special health condition didn’t stop this man from living a quite normal life. Tom spent one year in college in North Devon. In addition, Tom went to study under the prestigious international baccalaureate program at Exeter College. There he received two scholarships, both athletic and academic. In June 2012, the young man graduated from the French University of Rennes.

Currently, Tom lives in London with Alice Miller, an expert at CycleFit. They met on the Internet. Staniford hopes that now when medics know exactly what is wrong with him, they will be able to find the right course of treatment for him. Moreover, Tom is conventionally considered to be a C-Class cyclist of the International Union of Cyclists (UCI).

4. Ioana Spangenberg

Ioana Spangenberg is 167 cm tall and she weighs only 38 kg

Ioana’s unusual body gave her a hand in the fashion business and she reached great success. This 35-year-old Romanian model is 167 cm tall and she weighs only 38 kilograms. Her waist is every girl’s dream. Just imagine, it’s only 50.8 cm. Despite all this, Ioana will cause your eyebrows raise because her body is not a result of all that laborious dieting and exercising. According to her, she eats three times a day, including food rich in calories like chips, pizza, chocolate cakes, and kebabs. The thing is in Ioana’s small stomach. However, when she eats too much, she feels very bad.

Spangenberg was born an ordinary girl, her figure from normal turned into anorexic when she started to grow up. But inexplicably she didn’t recover from this disorder. The model strived to gain weight again. Ioana even ate lots of chocolate bars every single day but nothing helped. Her native country also had an effect on this wish to get a little bit bigger. In Romania, it is accepted to weigh more. Because if you have fat, then you are from a wealthy family.

Now, the Romanian lives in Germany with her husband Jan. It was her soul mate who convinced her to become a model. He even posted pictures of Ioanna on the Internet, after this his wife was noticed by representatives of modeling agencies.  The girl is very proud of her waist, which, in her opinion, opened her eyes to the fashion world. Plus, this work brings in good returns. Consequently, Ioana Spangenberg received a nicknamed "the hourglass" because of her shocking slender waist. Her extreme body shapes proved useful for demonstrating fashionable corsets. To tell the truth, Ioana learned to love her body, but still, she wants to get fleshier. Let’s wish her luck!

3. Cathie Jung

Cathie Jung's waist is 38.1 cm (15.0 in)

They call her the Queen of Hearts. You’ll catch the meaning of this phrase later so don’t stop reading. Cathie had the perseverance, hardiness and the desire of her husband Bob to slowly but surely make a considerable progress on the waistline and get incredible 38.1 cm (15.0 in).

This American corset fan was born in 1937. She still holds the Guinness World Record for the smallest waist. Boundless passion for Victorian clothes made Cathie start wearing a 15.24 cm (6 in) training belt that was supposed to diminish her shapes. There were rumors about countless surgeries but Jung assured she didn’t do anything like that.

We know there are a lot of women out there dying to know her secret. No problem! We have it right here for you. As you could have guessed the sorcery lies in our favorite corsets. Since 1983, Cathie has been wearing a corset 23 hours a day, only taking it off during her daily shower. Did you get it? She had this thing even in her sleep. She couldn’t eat large amounts of food at one time but that was okay for her.

Let’s have a little bit idea about the corsets. This piece of clothing is commonly used by women to shape up their bodies and it can be used for esthetic as well as medical objectives. So how does it work? By putting on an utterly tight corselet hourly for over a long period of time, the desired figure could be attained. Usually, the tight lacers dream to acquire 16-inches waist line, but even 20 inches make most of them joyful. The corset can make waist smaller line up to 2 to 4 inches and in some cases, it can even help cut off 6 inches. However, this garment is not as much help for gracile women as it is for overweight ones.

Jung, the mother of three wonderful kids didn’t keep to a special diet or exercises.  And there wasn’t any intention to set a record. She simply liked wearing suitable clothes, just those for her age. You should know that her waist was almost the same size as a regular jar of jam. Can you believe this? Looks like, it was even thinner than Barbie’s waist line, according to Barbie’s evaluated live statistics it would be 18 inches but our Cathie Jung is way too shapely.

It is known that behind every fortunate man there’s a woman, in Cathie’s case it was her husband Bob who induced her to lose a few inches of her waist. They got married when she was 22 and their life was full of happiness. Though Bob and Cathy dreamed of her having a very thin waist and they actually started working on this mission in the year 1985 that is after their daughter got married and left home. You might ask why of course. We have an answer for you. It was because of her daughter who opened fire to her mother whenever she wore a corset.

Cathie became popular in the whole world. Besides her popular emergence on European and US television shows she also flew to Tokyo in order to be an honored guest at a Japanese television show. Some of her photos also turned up on the pages of New York Times style section and Life Magazine. This woman shows us that there is nothing unattainable in this world.

2. Lizzie Velásques

Lizzie Velásques weighs about 60lbs (27kg)

This girl was born on March 13, 1989, with a disease that filled her entire life. It was Neonatal Progeroid Syndrome (NPS) that didn’t let her organism develop normally. This rare disease made it impossible for her to gain weight or hold fat. One day, Lizzie happened to read some really awful things on the Internet. She found herself on a video with the title "The world's ugliest woman". By the way, the girl was only 17 when she watched it.

Since that time Lizzie’s life has changed forever. The clip was viewed 4 million times online, with many hideous comments about Lizzie, including offers that she should have been killed at birth. Lizzie said she was unable to bring herself to read some of the recalls. Her shock ended in crying for many nights. The poor soul was only a teenager and she thought the life was over. Then, the right solution came to her. Lizzie decided to start her own YouTube channel disclosing the person behind the "World's Ugliest Woman" video.

There are presently around 240,000 subs on her YouTube channel. She has also written several books to boot. It’s a great work and Lizzie helps a lot of people all around the world with their problems. The girl weighs about 60lbs (27kg) and is blind in her right eye and has partial sight in the other. Lizzie has spent long months at the hospital. In fact, she needed lots of surgeries because of her state. Lizzie's story matches the trend femininity vs. masculinity that we're now dealing with in school.

Many of us still seem to think that mental illnesses and eating disorders are a girl-thing when in reality numbers show that 10% of such patients are male. That may not seem like much but when you realize that's about 3.500.000 men in the world it's kind of a big deal. People seem to concentrate on the fact that girls are the ones that you should make feel beautiful and that guys can take it when you tease them about their appearance. If people will learn to love themselves and take their flaws for granted, we bet that there will be a lot fewer bullies in the world. 

1.Valeria Levitin

Valeria Levitin weighs 23.5 kg

Valeria Levitin had no diseases or disorders. She made herself look like a couple of matches and we’re sorry for such an expression but, that’s true. Valeria didn’t like her body at all so she wanted to alter it completely. You can see her picture, it’s like she overdid something, don’t you think so? To someone, the problems of Valeria may seem far-fetched – right, if she does not want to lose more weight, it's enough just to start eating properly. The Sweet, floury and fatty meal will easily help you gain weight without much effort. Unfortunately, in Valeria’s case, it is easier said than done. After long years of harsh diets, she simply cannot eat such food.

Her body doesn’t understand how to deal with these products. Valeria confesses that her major concern is the lack of harmony between the soul and the body. She was born in 1974 and was a pretty girl but she didn’t think so. The roots of Valeria’s disease lie at a comparatively young age. The girl was fed on a fairly strict diet – her mother was afraid that her daughter would grow too fat, like many of their relatives. For the same reason, Valery was often weighed – to make sure that excess weight could not sneak up on her waist unheeded.

At the age of 16, Valeria, who weighed about 63 kilograms, traveled to Chicago with her family. The girl was unable to find friends in the new school. Levitin considered her excess weight to be the main reason of that problem. She knew what nightmare that life of anorexia brings to people. She suffered from a whole bunch of health problems. Oddly enough, even though Levitin looked like a prisoner of a Nazi concentration camp, some young girls manage to perceive her as an example to follow.

When she was 23, Valeria lost almost twice as much – instead of dresses of the 12th size she had to switch to size 6. Levitin dreamed of becoming a model – however, another blow was waiting for her. The girl was told that she still weighs too much. Valeria continued to torment herself – and soon she began to show really serious health problems; So, at 24, Levitin was forbidden to dance – by that time Valeria weighed about 40 kilograms and could easily be injured from any careless movement.

Over the next 10 years, Levitin actively communicated with various health professionals and healthy nutrition specialists. It did not influence her health – the weight continued to fall. At some point, Levitin's weight sank to the critical level of 23.5 kilograms. Valeria really can serve as a kind of example for all young girls who are too painful about their own weight. The story of Levitin teaches us that too tight control over one's own body can lead to truly catastrophic consequences.



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