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Top 10 Most Tattooed People

Let’s talk about tattoos! Like you have never pondered getting one incidentally. Undoubtedly, that can’t be true. And lo and behold, the number of people with tattoos is increasing every single day. Who knows, maybe one day you will find yourself among them. So before that happens you should learn a few facts about that topic. Keep going with the post. The weirdos from our top 10 will help you to make up your mind … or not.

Anyway, it’s time to start. Tattooing often seems to us something bizarre, young, and at the same time cool. Frankly speaking, this trend is one of the oldest in the visual arts. In ancient times tattoos depicted the affiliation of individuals to a certain group or the position in the family, like that of Japanese nationalities. These drawings saw times of super-popularity, and times of complete oblivion. For example, in medieval Europe, they were totally banned by the Church. The rebirth of this art took place only with the advent of the information age. However, during the first half of the 1990s tattooing was almost not advanced.

The crucial moment that set the wheels of its evolution occurred in the 60s because of the fashion for counterculture youth movements. They returned the tattoo its honored place among significant types of fine arts. Thus, modern styles and directions have been created since that time. We may say that this art is currently at its popular zenith. Maybe that’s the reason why some fellows depend on the excessive painting of their bodies that there is no more room left. They just want to keep pace with modern trends or perhaps it’s an attempt to show their particularity.

According to experts, making a tattoo on one’s body is not an illness in a case when a person grasps the idea why he does it. Still, some young people do it simply because they want to feel some adrenaline and even pain. As can be seen, it all depends on the person’s desires and choices. Well, it’s time to get back to our top 10 most tattooed people in the world. Hope you’ll like everything.

10. Kala Kawai (The Horned Man)

Kala Kawai has tattoos on 75% of his body

Undoubtedly, Kala Kawai deserves to be here. To tell the truth there is very little information about this guy but we’ll try to tell you as much as possible. In general, Kala has only 25% of the clear skin on his body. He is also one of the most modified people ever. Do you know what does it mean? It’s when people get piercings or tattoos and have plastic surgeries in order to look different from everyone else. This man is indeed one of them, don’t you think so?

Just look at his photo. In addition to numerous tattoos on 75% of his body and piercings, Kala changed his ears, tongue, and whatnot. For instance, Kawai added metal horns to his head, expanded holes in the earlobes, and got a forked tongue. The man calls himself a living advertisement for his own tattoo studio in Hawaii. This is where he did all those things with his body. It seems he really likes these changes and modifications.

9. Isobel Varley

Isobel Varley - the most tattooed senior woman

Isobel Varley – this incredible woman was born in 1937 in Yorkshire, the UK. In fact, she was a record holder for being the most tattooed senior woman in the world. Her body was 93% covered by ink except for the face, soles of her feet, and some parts of her hands. This is because she didn’t want to hide behind drawings. What’s so weird is that Varley made her very first tattoo when she was in her late 40s. Pretty cool, isn’t it? And that is at a time when many of us consider this art a mistake of youth. That’s how it goes in most cases.

Any person changes over the years, and the tattoo, which once seemed so wonderful and unusual, already in 20 years loses its adequacy and charm. But that’s another story and Isobel was not among those enthusiasts. In interviews, she used to say that it took about 10 years to reach these initial 76 % of her whole body in ink. She went a little further in her endeavors and made it into the Guinness Book of records. Varley met her beloved husband Malcolm long before all that dynamism.

As is always the case the couple got married, by the way, Varley was 23 at that time. They lived a quite blessed life together. Varley was a secretary and Malcolm worked as an engineer. Their family was full of support and understanding. Most regrettably, she passed away at the age of 78 because of Alzheimer disease. News of her death sparked tributes from the tattoo community and across the globe.

8. Horace Ridler (The Great Omi or the Zebra Man)

Horace Ridler was painted in bold black zebra-like stripes

Horace Ridler is one of the most amazing people in the world. His life style was very impressive and you’re about to find out what it means. The thing is that Horace was also one of the most modified and tattooed humans ever. His whole body was painted in bold black zebra-like stripes. But first, let’s get to know some interesting facts of his extraordinary biography.

This man was lucky enough to be born in a wealthy family. Ridler had a great childhood full of traveling, private education, and prosperity. He was born on March 26, 1882, in Surrey, England. The Zebra Man served in the army during the First World War and held the rank of major. After the war, he left his military service and this event coincided with the death of his father. Consequently, Horace received a large inheritance which he quickly blew on parties, funs, and gambling.

The year of 1922 was the time of big financial issues for Ridler and he determined that show biz was his key to glorification and richness. So he started turning himself into the Great Omi or as he was named later – the Zebra Man. Horace had really great plans and after 150 hours of hard work in 1927 this man became what he wished to be. The body changes promoted his successful employment in most popular circus shows. Gladys Ridler worked together with her husband and got a name the Omette who acquainted the Zebra Man with the public on the biggest stages of the world.

As the years passed, Ridler’s look appeared more and more stunning as well as his individuality. He used to put on a little bit of makeup and wear massive jewelry. However, it meant nothing because the Great Omi remained a normal man inside until his death in 1965.

7. Julia Gnuse (The Illustrated Lady)

Julia Gnuse - 95 % of her body was covered by a great variety of drawings

Julia was born with a terrible skin disease called porphyria syndrome. It was the main reason why she wanted to hide its traces on her body with the help of color tattoos. After 10 years of exhausting efforts, she was recognized as the most tattooed woman in the world. This means Julia Gnuse became the record holder of the Guinness Book of Records. This is not surprising because 95 % of her body was coated by a great variety of drawings. This woman was born in California and became famous because of her exceptional outward.

Looking at the body of the Illustrated Lady, you may think that tattoos are a sign of loss of sense of proportion. The rare skin disorder influenced her whole life. The slightest contact of her skin with the sun's rays caused terrible blisters appear on her skin. Over time, the bubbles burst, then tighten and leave an ugly scar of pink color. Unfortunately, the treatment for this disease has not yet been invented. Nowadays, there is almost no photo of Julia without pictures on the body. The most tattooed woman in the world, Julia Gnuse, before becoming addicted to drawing pictures on her body, was an ordinary American girl.

Originally, she wanted to paint a skin tone on the scars, but it didn’t work out because she had very pale skin. Then Julia Gnuse decided to shift her attention to creating a whole picture of bright tattoos. After the first drawing, a second followed, and a third one too. In the end, the young lady became obsessed with the tattoo thing. It helped her to get rid of the complexes, and to gain frenzied popularity in the world. In total, her skin had about 400 tattoos, which looked like some kind of puzzle-puzzle. She had pictures on the whole surface of the body: ears, nose, buttocks, chest, legs, back, and others.

6. Erik Sprague (The Lizard Man)

Eric Sprague - Almost all of his body is covered with green tattoos

Eric Sprague or better known The Lizard Man was born in 1972 in Fort Campbell, KY. Almost all of his body is covered with green tattoos. He was the first man to sharpen his teeth so that they looked like those of his beloved animal – the lizard. Today his name together with his unique photos are known almost all over the world. Eric’s dream was to be like a lizard, and he did everything to really transform his body. Additionally, Erik changed himself in a surgical way and his tongue was bifurcated. The lizard man's nails are strengthened and stylized under claws. His lips are of an ink-green color. Perhaps the only thing that is very lacking in Eric is the tail.

It is known, however, that Eric does not agree to a simple prosthesis, and only the inability to implant a 'real' tail forces him to refrain from the operation. On life, the Lizard Man performs his own shows. People everywhere are willing to pay money to see such an unseen. In July 2008, he became a guest at The Tyra Banks Show. According to some reports, this coloring cost Sprague $250,000 and about 700 hours under a tattoo machine. The performances of the Lizard Man are something enchanting, for Eric does not confine himself to a boring demonstration of his body. He swallows fire, swords, hangs himself on hooks and makes a huge variety of very spectacular stunts.

By the way, those who happened to visit the show of Sprague say that the main thing on these shows is not even tricks, but the sparkling humor and lively intelligence of the Lizard Man. In the past life, Eric Sprag was a man of science, a candidate of science at the University of Albany (University at Albany). It is known that Eric also writes articles on the topic of body modification for the edition of 'Body Modification E-zine', and is also the leader of his own musical group called 'Lizard Skynyrd', which at the end of 2010 was supposed to release an official album. At present Eric lives in Austin, Texas along with his wife Megan and their pets – ferrets.

5. Rick Genest (Zombie Boy)

Rick Genest over the next six years he systematically put on his face and body more and more tattoos

He would probably be a good family man, but no doubt, with a terrifying face in the city. Rick Genest was born on August 7, 1985 in Shatoga, Quebec, Canada. He made his first tattoo at the age of 16. In his own words, he could not have done this earlier because of huge respect to his mum and dad. He grew up in a simple working family and was the eldest child. Being a teenager, namely at the age of 15 Zombie Boy had a very serious operation to remove a brain tumor. After graduating from school, Rick left his home, and over the next six years he systematically put on his face and body more and more tattoos.

Thus, Rick’s unusual tattoos turned him into a real skeleton. It's funny, but Rick Genest spent thousands and thousands of dollars to make his body look like a rotting corpse – with all these insects and other signs of decay. In March 2010, Rick posted his photos on his Facebook page, and they attracted the attention of a huge number of followers a result, Zombie Boy was noticed by the fashion designer Nicolas Formichetti, who worked with the famous Lady Gaga. So, for a very short time, Rick Genest of an unknown Canadian teenager turned into a real celebrity.

As for his own attitude to his own image, Rick still did not stop there – he knows exactly how many "improvements" are needed before his final image. Those who are familiar with Zombie-fight, argue that, despite the rise of fame, Rick remains a modest and very lowly young man. He tries not to live in material values, and money does not spoil him, and all he dreams about is creating a kind of community for all his friends, where they could feel happy.

4. Tom Woodbridge (Leopard Man)

Tom Leopard accomplished these impossible 99% of his body secured with tattoos of a leopard skin plan

Crazy or not, the 67-year-old Tom Leopard was exceptionally satisfied with his life on the island of Skye. He accomplished this impossible 99 % of his body secured with tattoos of a leopard skin plan. Tom spent his life perusing books, strolling through the forested areas on every one of the four appendages, similar to a leopard, evading the hurrying around of current society. Conceived in London, this previous military forces soldier had lived in a remote haven for around 20 years.

The asylum he based on Skye was built with the help of utilizing stones and had a top of plastic sheets. It had no windows, electricity, heating or gas. Since 2002, he had held the Guinness World Record for being the most inked male senior human being. In the wake of leaving the military, he supposedly spent more than £5,000 on tattoos, picking leopard spots in light of his enthusiasm for huge felines. There is some riddle about Leppard's initial life, yet it appears that he was born on October 14, 1935, either in London or Suffolk.

Before his move to Skye, he put in almost 30 years of his life in military administration, first in the Royal Navy, which he joined matured 15, and later as a shading sergeant in the Rhodesian extraordinary powers. In 2008, Leppard stuffed every one of his belonging into a few receptacle sacks and moved into a care home in Inverness, conceding that he was getting excessively old for such a way of life. He passed away on June 12, 2016.

3. Paul Lawrence (The Enigma)

The Enigma - Sideshow entertainer, performer, on-screen character and devoted body modifier

Sideshow entertainer, performer, on-screen character and devoted body modifier – meet Paul Lawrence or The Enigma!

Paul Lawrence's change into The Enigma started on December 20, 1992, under the tattoo needle of 'Katzen The Tiger Lady', another extraordinary body modifier who he would later wed and separation. From that point forward he has been inked by more than 200 distinct specialists and has had upwards of 23 tattoos in progress on the double!

The Enigma's extraordinary body alterations incorporate horn inserts, ear reshaping, and different piercings. Albeit, maybe most eminent is the full-body baffle tattoo that spreads him from making a beeline for toe! As a sideshow entertainer Lawrence was an establishing individual from the Jim Rose Circus and later visited with Katzen playing music and performing sideshows under the name 'Human Marvels'.

In 2007 Lawrence performed on Universal Studio Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights occasion playing out various insane traps including instruments, fire, power, and sharp edges. The Enigma has additionally had various prevailing press appearances on projects, for example, The X-Files, the motion picture Firecracker and Billy Talent's music video for Fallen Leaves.

2. Etienne Dumont

Etienne Dumont - a literary critic, living in Geneva

Etienne Dumont – a literary critic, living in Geneva, is secured from making a beeline for the foot with a perplexing tattoo plan. He likewise embedded silicone embeds under the skin, which gave his head a horny appearance. You wouldn't trust it, yet Etienne Dumont is one of Switzerland's most acclaimed critics. Etienne did his first tattoo in 1974 and his bodywork has been in advance from that point onward. Alongside the full bodysuit, he has plugs on his button, nostrils, 70mm attachments in his ear cartilage, a titanium ring on his left hand and two horns in his mind.

He says it's only a kind of a delight. Being an excessive man gives him a more noteworthy opportunity. Dumont is likewise an energetic art collector, gathering anything from old illustrations from 1979 to twentieth-century Venetian glasses and earthenware production from Geneva. The vast majority of his accumulation is shown in two Switzerland exhibition halls. At the point when asked about for what reason he gathers craftsmanship the appropriate response is very straightforward: "For the love of art, as one may read a decent book, tune in to great music or go to the motion pictures!"

1. Gregory Paul McLaren (Lucky Diamond Rich)

Rich has been confirmed 100% tattooed person by the Guinness World Records

Clearly, this man is thought to be the most inked individual on the planet. He was painted on all parts of the body, even his gums and ears are secured with ink. A great deal of work has been done because of the endeavors of many tattoo artists. Lucky Diamond Rich endured over 1000 hours of pain. By occupation, he is a street entertainer who participates at universal shows. Rich's performances incorporate sword swings, juggling with different protests and riding a four-meter monocycle.

The plan to cover his entire body with tattoos came to him as a tyke, however, he set it aside for quite a while, until the point when he made his first tattoo – the picture of a little mace for juggling on his hip. His genuine name is Gregory Paul McLaren and he was born in 1971. Most as of late he included a striking bio-mechanical sleeve covering some previous ink. Since 2006 Rich has been confirmed 100% tattooed person by the Guinness World Records.

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