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Top 10 Strongest People in the World

Ready or not, but right now you’re about to learn who is the strongest person of all times. You’re interested, aren’t you? So, let’s move on, but first a little bit of history. It won’t do you wrong.

From ancient times there have been competitions for people endowed with supernatural physical power. Well, you should’ve probably heard about the illustrious Olympic Games that first appeared in Ancient Greece. They were of a special kind and different in many respects from those held in our time. After all, the contests had the same goals. They meant to find out who was the fastest, the sturdiest or the most dexterous from athletes at that time. The winners immediately became heroes who tend to set various records.

Do you remember any of them? If not, then don’t worry, it’s all right. But you may ken some mythical characters or demigods with extraordinary might. Just think of the famous Greek hero, Hercules who is known for having incredible strength and bravery. He’s the real legend. More impressively, this great man had lived a troubled life full of divine highs and lows and it but his spirit wasn’t broken at the end of the path.

The heroes from our list have taken part in both the World’s Strongest Man and the Arnold Strongest classic competitions which are considered to be most decisive in the world of hefty beasts. All of them have proved to be the real victors.But before we start out, try to memorize the following words. In order to be the champion, one needs to work at it constantly. Everything just depends on the person, and if you train hard you’ll have the first-class results just like these guys.

10. Victor Delamarre

His height was just 166 cm and he weighted 70 kg.

This outstanding strongman was born in 1888 in Quebec, Canada. His height was just 166 cm and he weighted solely 70 kg. Victor’s family was quite big, he had 12 siblings. He started doing sports, especially weightlifting, boxing, and wrestling at an early age. "The Canadian Samson" – he definitely deserved such a name due to his striking physical abilities. When Delamarre was only 13 he got the very first job, he worked as a lumberjack on a farm. The weightlifter easily raised people and various objects, for instance, his beloved uncle, horses, cars, and statutes.

Victor was even more powerful than his idol, our number 9 Louis Cyr whom he first met in Montreal. Delamarre set numerous records in 1914. The most meaningful is probably his heaviest bent press in history (309.5lb or 140 kg) which he took from Louis Cyr in 1914. In addition, Victor was a professional wrestler and had played about 1500 matches. He was given a belt of honor and strength in 1921. This wonderful man died when he was 67 because of a severe disease. He lived a pretty colorful life we may say.   

9. Louis Cyr

174 cm tall with weight that varied between 120 and 180 kg.

Louis Cyr is also a French Canadian strongman whose fame made him a gift after the death. It’s about the biographical movie that was presented by Antoine Bertrand in 2013. Take some advice and watch it today, you won’t regret. But we need to keep going forward. So Cyr was born on October 10, 1863, in Saint-Cyprien-de-Napierville, Canada. It’s not that his family was normal but only by half. Don’t be scared! His mother looked like Amazonian while his father was a usual man. And they had 17 kids, Louis was the second one.

 He was only 9 when he started to work on his father’s farm. That was very easy for him to pick up the heaviest things. Cyr’s mother adored her son, she even didn’t let him cut hair so that he could also be like the Biblical Samson. Aged 18 Louis participated in various weightlifting competitions but it didn’t bring in lots of money. That’s why this strongman joined the circus in a tour across Canada and the US. His shows were a great success, people made every effort just to look at this man lifting carts, horses, barrels, people etc. The weightlifter had no limits, just imagine 200, 500, and 4, 337lb in his arms.

No wonder that he needed a special diet full of meat just to stay in shape. He was 174 cm tall with a weight that varied between 120 and 180 kg. Cyr got married to Melina Comtois in 1882. Soon they became parents of a pretty girl named Emiliana. As it happens, the lifestyle of this athlete, especially the horrible diet had brought him to death in 1912 when he was under the age of 50.

8. Brian Shaw

His height is 203 cm and he weighs about 192 kg

This one is a really big celebrity, and you should have come across his name. Brian is one of the prominent stars at the World’s Strongest Man competitions. He won these games four times in a row. In fact, Brian’s personal records feature the 905lb (410 kg) squat, 465lb (211 kg) log lift, and 1,140lb (520 kg) strapped hammer tire lift. Since 2008 he has achieved 12 first places in many Strong Men events. As you may have gathered, these are his numerous achievements. What about the personal life? Just keep reading, you’ll get to know some interesting facts.

Brian Shaw was born on February, 26 in Fort Lupton, Colorado. It’s in the US, to be exact. His impressive stature is a result of heredity from his parents, they both had pretty impressive height, about 180 cm each. It’s funny but he didn’t get any far from them because his staggering height is 203 cm and he weighs about 192 kg. As a high-schooler, Shaw liked to play basketball and he continued his sports career after graduating. The years of college and then university were also connected with basketball and Brian was granted a full basketball scholarship at Black Hills State University.

His strongman career blasted off in 2005 when Shaw acceded the Denver Strongest Man contest without previous official training. He often says that it has been always easy for him to lift heavy things, no matter what size and weight. At present, Brian Shaw does his best to improve his physical capabilities. The numerous victories and titles haven’t settled his ambitions and he is ready to soar new heights and records.

7. Andy Bolton

He weighed 165 kg and was 183 cm tall

Andrew Bolton is the most popular British strongman and powerlifter. This is the most vivid representative of Britain in international championships. He was born on January 22, 1970, in Dewsbury, Yorkshire. The beginning of his career coincides with the first contest, namely BAWLA Yorkshire Junior Championships in 1991. In fact, Andy is the only person in the whole world that managed to get the record in the lift of 1,213lb that is 550.5 in kilograms. At the same time, he is the first man ever whose deadlift exceeded 1,000lb, and he did that twice.

But somewhere along the way, the doctors told him a horrible thing. He needed a transplant because his kidneys were failing. It was like a colossal shock. Well, his weight didn’t let him have the surgery so he had to go on a strict diet. He weighed 165 kg and was 183 cm tall but the operating table could bear only 125 kg. And, fortunately, everything went well. Now Andy feels much better, his weight is about 120 kg and his health is okay. He works as a strength coach and is quite happy with his life.

6. Mark Henry

He weighs about 160 kg and his height is 193 cm

Professional wrestler, powerlifter, Olympic weightlifter, and strongman – is that not too much for one person? Actually, no. It’s all right, you will soon be convinced this man truly deserves all those titles. His full name is Mark Jerrold Henry and he was born on June 12, 1971, in Silsbee, Texas. There is no sense in giving the detailed analysis of all his credits and records. He’s got so many of them. But still, you have to know at least several most important reaches. Henry’s individual technical records include 953.5lb (432.5 kg) squat, 396.8lb (180 kg) snatch, and 903.9lb (410 kg) deadlift. He is used to be first almost everywhere. Mark was number one at many US National Powerlifting and Weightlifting Championships.

By the way, this giant has proclaimed himself as the strongest person in the world. He has always had such a spectacular body type, even at school. He weighed 102 kg in the fourth grade. So now he weighs about 160 kg and his height is right 193 cm. He’s been working for WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) for almost 20 years. And about a month ago the story broke that Mark had retired from WWE. It doesn’t mean he’s gone for good. In reality, Mark Henry continues to work there as a producer and a preceptor for new superstars.

5. Magnus ver Magnusson

Magnus is 190 cm tall and he weighs about 130 kg

Magnus ver Magnusson was born on April 22, 1963. The number five is an Icelandic strongman who has gained the title of the World’s Strongest Man four times (1991,1994, 1995, and 1996). He is really proud of his success and he values the love of his fans indeed. So how did it all started? Being a small boy, Magnus liked to spend time at his grandfather’s farm. There was a lot of work, and he didn’t have any difficulties with it, especially when his family needed a pair of strong hands. That’s when he decided to devote his life to powerlifting.

The first reward came to Magnus in 1985. It was a medal at the Junior European and World Championships. One thing led to another and after a while, the whole world declared Magnusson the strongest man on Earth. You see that he got everything he wanted and that’s only due to his unimaginable records. Let’s list the most important of them. He’s done a 827lb (375 kg) raw deadlift, 605lb (275 kg) bench press, and a 981lb (445 kg) tire deadlift. Magnus is 190 cm tall and he weighs about 130 kg at present. He has stopped breaking records but he often judges different contests all over the world.

4. Marius Pudzianowski

Marius weighs about 145 kg and is 185 cm tall

The Poles call him "Pudzian" and "Dominator". He was given these nicknames obviously thanks to five titles of the World’s Strongest Man. But first, let’s discover some of his biographical facts. Marius was born on February 7, 1977, in Biala Rawska that is in Poland. It was his father who encouraged him to practice sports. As a result, being an eleven-year-old boy Pudzianowski began his first serious workouts in the Kyokushin style of Karate. Consequently, at the age of 13, he tried his hand at strength training.

Since then, most of his life has been spent in the gym. And he made it. The proof of that may be his numerous awards that he collected at Strongman Super Series, Europe’s Strongest Man, Poland’s Strongest Man, and World’s Strongest Team. Marius weighs about 145 kg and is 185 cm tall. However, the only blemish in his biography is the imprisonment in 2000 that lasted for 19 months. Later, Pudzianowski explained that it happened because he intended to stop a local mobster. Some eight years ago, Pudzian commenced doing mixed martial arts and he excelled at this activity too. In addition to sporting career, Marius has received a higher education and runs his own business. He’s very popular in Poland just like a real superstar.

3. Paul Edward Anderson

He has got weight of 163 kg and height of 177 cm

This weightlifter played an important role in the establishment of powerlifting as a competitive sport. His track record includes medals of World Championship and National Championship in Olympic weightlifting. Paul was born on October 17, 1932, in Toccoa, Georgia, the US. Being a teenager he was very fond of football and wished to join the school football team. That’s why Anderson spent much of his time in the backyard of his house, he just needed to be bigger and stronger. Thus, he was engaged in physical exercise for several hours every day. Over a period of time, Paul achieved the desired results.

He is now acknowledged to be the strongest man in the world’s history because of his undefeated records. Check it out – 1,200lb (540 kg) squat, 628lb (285 kg) bench press, and 820lb (370 kg) deadlift. He did all this with the weight of 163 kg and height of 177 cm. When Paul was 28 he got married to a woman named Glenda Garland. After six years his wife gave birth to their daughter Paula named in his honor. Anderson died at the age of 61. It turned out that he had kidneys disorder from a very young age. So, in the end, it had led to this imminent death.

2. Bill Kazmaier

His weight is approximately 160 kg and he is 188 cm tall

William Kazmaier was born on December 30 in 1953. His family was quite big and his parents had 5 children. Bill got the nickname "Kaz" as a kid. This American champion became a noteworthy part of the strength platform in the 1980th. However, before that, he had time to quit university and work as a lumberjack and bouncer. Well, even at that time he continued dreaming of the better life filled with powerlifting records. And he managed to do that. Bill’s credit contains a lot of powerlifting and strongman world records as well as two IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) Championships and three titles of the World’s Strongest Man. He used to impress crowds with his 661.4lb (300 kg) bench press, 925.9lb (420 kg) squat, and 886.7lb (402 kg) deadlift.

Bill’s position was too prevailing in the World’s Strongest Man Organization and soon he was sent into a premature retirement. The truth is that he didn’t give up on this and took part in many other less important competitions. Kaz even gave a shot at wrestling in the WCW. His weight is approximately 160 kg and he is 188 cm tall. Today, he remains an active sportsman but he has finished competing. Kazmaier has founded an exercise equipment company and lives in Auburn, Alabama with his only son, Eric.

1. Zydrunas Savickas

Savickas weighs about 180 kg and is 191 cm tall

Okay, this one takes the first place for a reason. One could say, for a couple of reasons. Zydrunas Savickas is regarded as the biggest strongman of all time. He has won almost every actual contest in the world. Here you may find such events as World’s Strongest Man, Arnold Strongman Classic, Strongman Champions League, World Log Lift Championships, Europe’s Strongest Man, Giants Live, Strongman Super Series, IFSA Strongman World Championships, Lithuania’s Strongest Man and so on.

His fans like to call him "Big Z" and he’s definitely worth this moniker. Savickas weighs about 180 kg and is 191 cm tall. This Lithuanian strongman was born on July 15, 1975. His greatest records involve 938lb (425.5 kg) squat, 631lb (286 kg) bench press, and 880lb (400 kg) deadlift. Nowadays, Zydrunas is completely engaged in sports. He still lives in Lithuania and is happily married to the love of his life Jurgita Savickienė.



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