Ten Most Stylish Celeb’s Daughters. Like Mother, Like Daughter!

Ten Most Stylish Celeb’s Daughters. Like Mother, Like Daughter!

They say if Good Lord wants to give a compliment to a woman, He sends her a daughter. And this is true, because such a woman is worthy to be repeated. But is the daughter always ready to be "the younger version" or "reflection" of her mother's style? Very often girls do not listen to mother's advice and follow their own path. But what if the mother is a well-known stylish icon? Read about 10 girls who are made from the same mould as their beautiful and successful mothers. But at the same time they managed to create their own signature style. Like mother, like daughter!

1) Hazel Moder, Julia Roberts’ Daughter

Hazel Moder, Julia Roberts’ Daughter

Julia Roberts was nicknamed as the Hollywood Princess and her style resembled that one of Cinderella or Snow White. Her twelve-year-old daughter, Hazel Moder, on the contrary, prefers boyish prankish style in her everyday life.

Hazel Moder and her mother, Julia Roberts

Hazel wears skinny jeans with prints, summer costumes of bright colors, made of soft fabric and stylish striped trousers with heavy boots.

Hazel Moder Style

Julia doesn’t like to tell about her children in public. But once she said, that she would allow her daughter to wear any kind of apparel. Nevertheless the star keeps Valentino dress for Hazel. She put on that gown, when she received an Academy Award for “Erin Brockovich”.

2) Willow Smith, Jada-Pinkett Smith's Daughter

Willow Smith, Jada-Pinkett Smith's Daughter

The daughter of two celebs, Will and Jada Smith, Willow has become the quintessence of style for her generation. Recently seventeen-year-old star has been chosen as new Chanel ambassador. That’s the best proof of Willow’s good taste! Although Willow presents Chanel style right now, her own style can hardly resemble that one, which offers this luxurious fashion brand. She doesn’t have in her wardrobe Chanel style jackets or elegant dresses. Although she puts on Chanel long boots from time to time, in general Willow likes bright colors and unusual decorations, which are not peculiar to Chanel trademark. Willow’s manner to dress differs from her mother’s too.

Jada and Willow Smith

The girl’s style can be defined as garson. Mostly the girl prefers “men’s clothes for ladies”. She was photographed numerous times in wide pants, loose jackets and long T-shirts. Like any other girl, Willow wants to look perky, so she chooses bright colors and unusual prints to decorate her boyish apparel. The star is a well known lover of comfortable shoes. Willow usually puts on simple comfortable shoes of natural colors. Most of her shoes have low steady heels.

Willow Smith Style

3) Honor Marie Warren, Jessica Alba’s Daughter

Honor Marie Warren, Jessica Alba’s Daughter

Honor Marie Warren is the elder daughter of a movie star Jessica Alba. The girl is just 8 years old, so it is hard to tell, what style she prefers. The cute girl, probably, wears the clothes, which her mother chooses for her.

Honor Warren and her mother, Jessica Alba

Jessica is a real romantic lady, who looks incredibly womanlike and fragile. Honor presents the same romantic style. The girl is very often photographed in sweet airy dresses, bright loose blouses, lush skirts and short T-shirts. Of course, Honor is still a child, so she chooses bright positive colors, mostly yellow, green and pink tints.

Honor Warren Style

Honor (or her mother for her) usually chooses comfortable, but girly shoes or sandals, made of soft natural leather. The girl’s hairdo is a separate topic for conversation. She has long curly hair, which is so typical for romantic style. Very often she decorates her hair with flowers. 

4) Everly Tatum, Jenna Dewan’s Daughter

Everly Tatum, Jenna Dewan’s Daughter

Everly Tatum was lucky to be born in a friendly family of two stars, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan. The girl is just 4 years old, so she likes to run, to play and to climb like any other child. Her elegant mother, Jenna, understands it and chooses for her daughter the clothes of casual style.

Everly Tatum and her mother, Jenna Dewan

Small Everly wears comfortable pants, T-shirts and shorts. Jenna, who is known worldwide as an elegant stylish woman, dresses Everly in monochromatic, but bright colors. Probably, Everly is an active child (as both of her parents are talented dancers), that’s why she needs light and comfortable shoes or sandals. Jenna’s daughter has soft thick hair of middle length. Everly usually has a funny and messy to some point hairdo, which is typical for casual style.

Everly Tatum Style

5) Ireland Baldwin, Kim Basinger’s Daughter

Ireland Baldwin, Kim Basinger’s Daughter

Unlike our previous heroine, Ireland Baldwin is not a child anymore; she is a bright young woman. The daughter of a hottie Kim Basinger and a heart eater Alec Baldwin, Ireland has model-like body, soft long blonde hair and her own vision of style.

If Kim Basinger is considered as a typical femme fatale, who prefers red lipstick, tight black dresses, which open her shoulders, and high-heeled shoes, her daughter presents the other kind of a woman. Ireland wears unusual clothes, which make her different from the others.

Ireland Baldwin and her mother, Kim Basinger

In her real life the girl prefers clothes of casual style. She puts on plaid shirts, shorts, which demonstrate her well-shaped legs, flat boots etc.

Ireland Baldwin Style

But for her red-carpet events Ireland chooses bohemian style. Probably Baldwin Jr., who has always been compared to her bright mother, decides to challenge photographers and journalists. She chooses clothes, which immediately catch public attention. Ireland, who has big and ideally round breasts, wears the dresses with wide décolletés, short skirts and small tops, which open her flat belly.

Ireland Baldwin Style

6) Emme Maribel Muñiz, Jennifer Lopez’s Daughter

Emme Maribel Muñiz, Jennifer Lopez’s Daughter

Nine-year-old Emma is a sweet mini version of her mother, Jennifer Lopez. The girl looks exactly like her mom – she has the same thick brown hair, big dark brown eyes and strong slender legs. Although the figure of JLo’s daughter is too early to talk about, her style has already started to form (under the influence of a caring mother, of course).

Emme Maribel Muñiz and her mother, Jennifer Lopez

At the moment, Emma copies the style of her famous parent – it’s modern classic. Like Jennifer, the girl puts on monochromatic beautiful things of a simple cut. The girl is often photographed in dresses of medium length (so typical for the classical style), straight simple trousers or plain leggings.

Emme Maribel Muñiz Style

If it’s cold in the street, the girl wears an elegant coat or jacket. She chooses soft leather boots or shoes, which are picked up to the colors of her clothes. Emma's hair is also simple and elegant. Her locks are either braided, or arranged in a simple elegant bun.

Emme Maribel Muñiz Style

7) Suri Cruise, Katie Holmes’ daughter

Suri Cruise, Katie Holmes’ daughter

Suri is the only one biological child of a movie star Tom Cruise. Her mother, Katie Holmes, is the sample of beauty and taste for many people. Suri has been photographed since her first days on the planet. Her unusual clothes were discussed in fashion magazines. Very often Suri was criticized for choosing tasteless clothes, which were not appropriate for the girl of her age.

Suri Cruise and her mother, Katie Holmes

It is hard to tell, if Suri is a girl of style, or on the contrary, she is the sample of awful taste. Eleven-year-old girl puts on the clothes, which her rich parents buy her. Usually they come from podiums and represent the style of famous fashion designers, not her own.

Suri Cruise Style

Probably, the girl copies her mother’s manner to dress as she looks older of her age in elegant hats, trousers suits and high-heeled shoes. It seems that the small fashionista is a great fan of elegant accessories. She prefers elegant unusual bags, multi-colored hair hoops and bright ribbons.

Suri Cruise Style

8) Ava Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon’s Daughter

Ava Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon’s Daughter

Reese Witherspoon is a woman, who has made an enviable career. The elegant star can boast not just with her super popular movies, but also with a beautiful and tasteful daughter.

Ava Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon

Very often celebs’ kids put on challenging clothes. Probably, that how they try to come out of their parents’ shadow. But Ava Phillippe is exclusion. It is not known exactly, what career 17-year-old Ava is going to choose, but no doubt, she is going to become successful. The girl differs from the others with both, attractive appearance and intelligence.

Ava Phillippe Style

Fashion critics say, Ava copies the style of Reese in her young years. Probably, she chooses similar hairdo (blonde long hair of middle length) and puts on classically beautiful luxurious tops and dresses. But in any case, the teen girl has her own vision of fashion. Ava dresses reasonably.

In her everyday life she puts on simple, but expensive jeans and tops, which usually open her shoulders. Probably, Ava is proud of her breasts, that’s why she uses any opportunity to open her décolleté. She is fond of girly dresses too.

Ava Phillippe Style

Like the other teenagers, Ava Phillippe likes to make fashion experiments. Once she was photographed, wearing tattered tights and having dyed pink hair. But usually Reese Witherspoon’s daughter is neat and elegant. She is not “too much”, if you understand what I mean.

9) Kaia Jordan Gerber, Cindy Crawford’s Daughter

Kaia Jordan Gerber, Cindy Crawford’s Daughter

Kaia looks exactly like her super-beautiful mother. The lovers of fashion recognize Cindy’s features and style, when they look at fifteen-year-old Kaia. No wonder that the girl decided to try modeling. She inherited the talent to fashion and elegance from her mom.

Kaia Jordan Gerber, and her mother, Cindy Crawford

Kaia repeats Cindy’s style. She has similar hairdo – long dark brown hair – and wears similar clothes. Unlike other teenagers, Kaia excludes from her wardrobe too bright tasteless colors and prefers calm and cold tints.

Kaia Jordan Gerber Style

Usually she wears black tops, khaki long jackets and skinny jeans. The girl likes to wear short skirts and shorts, which open her perfect legs. Kaia is a daughter Cindy Crawford can be proud of!

Kaia Jordan Gerber Style

10) Apple Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow’s Daughter

Apple Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow’s Daughter

The first child of a movie star Gwyneth Paltrow and of her ex-husband, a musician Chris Martin, has her mother’s pleasant face and slim light body.

Apple Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow

The girl has turned 13 not long ago, but it seems, Apple managed to avoid challenges of teen style. She looks very simple and elegant. Apple is usually seen in black and white clothes.

Apple Martin Style

She wears skinny pants, jeans, shorts of loose sweaters. The girl looks nice, but her wardrobe is quite boring for a stylish icon. Probably, she needs to add a little spice to her everyday looks.

Apple Martin Style

It is not hard to be elegant and stylish, when your parents are incredibly rich. Thus most of people think. But celebs’ daughters make their own mistakes. They copy their iconic mothers, or on the contrary, criticize their style and choose weird things to express their individual vision of fashion. Famous mothers and daughters have the same problems as any other people. They quarrel and look for a compromise, they share beauty secrets and – yeah! – they love each other too!

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