Sacha Baron Cohen Height and Weight

Sacha Baron Cohen Height and Weight

Height: 6’3” / 191 cm

Weight: 165 lbs / 75 kg

Ethnicity: White

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Sacha Baron Cohen is one of the most interesting comedian actors in the modern cinema industry. He looks like a Greek god with his incredibly tall and well-shaped body. Viewers know and love his heroes, such as Borat Sagdiyev from “GMTV”, Ali G from “Da Ali G Show”, Aladeen from “The Hour” and some others. Sacha takes his characters from one project to another and very often he appears at various public events, looking like one of his heroes. By the way, the actor gives interviews from his own person very rarely. Mostly he communicates with journalists like Borat or Ali. In fact, the actor has a reason to do so. He portrays real people on the screen and is afraid of prosecution.

Sacha Baron Cohen started his career in entertainment industry as a model. He appeared in both, paper and TV commercials and was a host of a weather forecast. He tried his hand as a TV actor for the first time in “Top of the Pops” series, where he portrayed his first famous character Ali G.

Although most of Sacha’s roles are comedian, it doesn’t mean that he is a light-minded person. The star has Cambridge education and shows deep knowledge on policy. He has his own opinion on various social problems and is not afraid to express it, although he is usually covered with the mask of his hero at that moment.

The comic becomes very serious, when it goes about his personal life. He is married a star Isla Fisher and they bring up two daughters and a son.

Sacha Baron Cohen Height and Weight


Name: Sacha Noam Baron Cohen

Nickname: Sacha

Date of Birth: October 13, 1971

Place of Birth: London, United Kingdom

Place of Residence: Los Angeles, California, USA

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Education: Christs’s College, Cambridge



Wife Isla Fisher (married since 2010)


He has three children with Isla Fisher:

1) Daughter Olive (born in 2007)

2) Daughter Elula (born in 2010)

3) Son Montgomery (born in 2015)

Awards and Honors:

1) British Comedy Awards

2) He got BAFTA Awards several times

3) Golden Globe in 2007

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