Oliver Platt Height and Weight

Oliver Platt Height and Weight

Height: 6’3” / 191 cm

Weight: 202 lbs / 92 kg

Ethnicity: White

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Oliver Platt is an outstanding American actor, whose most popular screen works are Lutz in “Working Girl”, Porthos in “The Three Musketeers” (1993), Rupert Burns in “Bicentennial Man”.

Oliver Platt has impressive body measurements. He is different from many other actors by his towering height (191 cm) and a solid weight (92 kg). He has a handsome round face, big brown eyes and black hair, which he combs back to open his high forehead.

Oliver is a well-educated person. In 1983 he got the Bachelor of Arts in Tufts University. In fact, he got interested in acting since his school years. His father, Nicholas Platt, a career diplomat, travelled a lot and the boy with his mother followed him everywhere. That’s why the boy changed his school every 2-3 years and each time it was not easy for him to become the part of a new class. He used his acting skills to arise his classmate’s admiration. Once he had to play in a Christmas performance, staged in his school. He portrayed the innkeeper, who threw away Mary, Jesus and Joseph from the inn. Oliver has just one line in the play, but he was so sincere in telling it, that he had immediately become a school star.

He started acting professionally in 1990. Oliver debuted as Speed Stiles in “Miami Vice”. After that he created a number of great male heroes in hit movies and series.

Oliver Platt Height and Weight


Name: Oliver James Platt

Nickname: Oliver

Date of Birth: January 12, 1960

Place of Birth: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Place of Residence: New York City, New York, USA

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Education: Tufts University



He is married.

Wife: Camilla Campbell (a producer; married since 1992)


He has 3 children with his wife:

1) Daughter Lily Platt (born in 1995)

2) Son George Platt (born in 1997)

3) Daughter Claire Platt (born in 1999)

Awards and Honors:

1) Independent Spirit Robert Altman Award in 2008

2) Golden Globe nomination in 2005

3) Primetime Emmy Awards nominations in 2001, 2005, 2006, 2008

4) Behind the Voice Actors Awards in 2015

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