Mark Zuckerberg Height and Weight

Mark Zuckerberg Height and Weight

Height: 5’6” / 170 cm

Weight: 167 lbs / 76 kg

Shoe size: 11 / 45 (EU)

Ethnicity: White

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Blue

Not long ago Mark Zuckerberg shared great news with his fans. His wife, Priscilla, is pregnant with another baby. The happy parents are expecting for a girl. Mark added that he felt incredibly content to welcome one more woman in his family. He grew up, surrounded by three sisters and a mother, and thought, that the major part of his success in business was possible due to care of strong women in his family.

Mark glorified his name as FaceBook founder and owner. He had earned his first billion of dollars at a very young age, thus having set a world record (the youngest billionaire of all times).

From his earliest years Mark was considered as indigo child. He was interested in programming and soon he had become the best in his school in this area. Even his teachers were confused, when they had heard incredibly deep and difficult questions from their pupil.

He entered Harvard and studied psychology there. During his second year of studying, Mark and his three friends created the local University network, named FaceBook. Later it was turned into a huge internet project.

Mark met his wife during his years in Harvard. They wed in 2012 and dreamed about a child, but Priscilla Chan had several miscarriages. In December, 2015 they finally welcomed their first daughter, Max. The couple wrote a letter to their new born child, where they described the ideal world they dream to create for their daughter and other children.

Mark Zuckerberg Height and Weight


Name: Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

Nickname: Zuck and Princely (his mother called him in this way)

Date of Birth: May 14, 1984

Place of Birth: Dobbs Ferry, NY, USA

Place of Residence: Palo Alto, California, USA

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Education: Ardsley High School, Phillips Exeter Academy, Harvard University



Wife Priscilla Chan (married since 2012)


Daughter Max (born in 2015 with Priscilla Chan)

Awards and Honors:

Time Person of the Year in 2010

Favorite Color: He has color blindness. The richest color for him is blue, that’s why FaceBook is designed in blue colors

Favorite Singer: Taylor Swift

Favorite Clothes: a hoodie, jeans and sneakers, but once he put on a tie every single day during a year

Favorite Food: Meat, but he challenged himself to refuse from it and become vegetarian for some period

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