Kristen Hanby Height and Weight

Kristen Hanby is 5'8" / 1.73 cm and he weighs 143 lbs / 65 kg

Height:  5'8" / 1.73 cm

Weight: 143 lbs / 65 kg

Shoe size: Unknown

Measurements (chest-waist-biceps): Unknown

Ethnicity: White

Hair Color:  Blonde

Eye Color: Brown

Today, everybody’s after social media. Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook – you can’t find a person who doesn’t know anything about the above designations. These platforms are different and solve different problems. Therefore, you need to use them in conjunction.

But to gain popularity on these platforms you must understand how they work, you have to speak the same language as them. And not forget about current trends and tendencies either! So does Kristen Hanby, a popular prankster from Britain.

Short videos in which he makes fun of his girlfriend, sisters, and friends helped him become famous. And, you know, one can envy the way this guy's imagination works! Feel free to go to his YouTube channel if you are sad. You won’t regret it!

But sometimes a prank can turn into something terrible. In one of his last videos, he pranked his girlfriend Jasmine by pouring bath foam into the bathtub together with fabric paint. The girl began to take a bath, and after a few minutes, the blogger heard her screams. After that, she came out of the bathroom in a towel, and it became clear that her arms and legs were completely blue.

One of the Twitter users shared this video on his page, emphasizing that he does not think the prankster's act is ridiculous. What’s more, lots of Kristen’s subscribers were outraged by his actions. That’s what happens when you cross the line.

Kristen Hanby's hair color is blonde.


Name: Kristen Hanby

Nickname: Kristen  Hanby

Date of Birth: 8 March 1993

Place of Birth: St. Helier, Jersey, England, the UK

Place of Residence: Los Angeles, California, the UK

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Education: There is no information concerning Kristen’s studies. In any case, he has graduated from school and possibly from university. Well, this is just a suggestion.


Relationships: Here can be only written one name – Jasmine Brownsword. She’s Kristen’s current and only girlfriend. Why current? – Because they are dating now, this year, etc. Why only? – Because there is no content about his previous girlfriends or love life.

Children: None

Favorite food: Unknown

Favorite color: Unknown

Awards and Honors: Kristen Hanby hasn’t got any awards yet.

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