Jenna Fischer’s family


James Gunn (husband)

Date of birth: 1966

American film director, screenwriter, writer and musician. In the group "The icons" was the main vocalist, created songs for films, and then scripts. Developed the film industry. Gunn also appears in films as an actor, mostly in small roles and incredited appearances in his own projects. Jenna and James were introduced by Jenna's childhood friend Sean Gunn. The couple got married on October 7,2000. In 2008, they officially broke up and remained friends.

Lee Kirk (husband)

Date of birth: 1972

American director, screenwriter, film director and actor. Received recognition for some of his works. There is no doubt that he is good at what he does. He holds the position of managing director of the popular metallurgical company Cargill Metal Supply Chain. Jenna and Lee met during the filming of the film "Gient Mechanical man". They got married on July 3, 2010. In September 2011, Fischer gave birth to a boy, and in May 2014 their daughter was born.

Children of Jenna Fischer

Weston Lee Kirk (son)

Date of birth: 2011


Harper Marie Kirk (daughter)

Date of birth: 2014

Emily Fischer (sister)

Date of birth: 1980

She works as a teacher of the third grade of an elementary school. Younger than Jenna. The sisters' families are very close. She is also an Atmospheric Chemist and an Associate Professor in the Department of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University. In 2014, Fischer along with fellow scientists launched a program Promoting Geoscience, Research, Education and Success (PROGRESS). She has received many honors including the prestigious James B. Macelwane Medal.

Who are Jenna's parents

Anna Miller (mother)

Was a history teacher. Retired after 29 years of teaching. With daughters on very good terms.

Jim Fischer (father)

Engineer. Jenna and her sister remember their father with the traditional Sunday papers and donuts.

Information about the family Jenna Fischer's is taken from the Familywing website


Grew up in St. Louis. Performed her first role at the age of 6. First attended primary school in Manchester, followed by a private Catholic girls' school in Webster Groves, university and college. Signed a contract with a booking agent, and attempts began to attract Fischer to film and television, but to no avail. Her first acting role on television was the role of a waitress in "Twisted city". After that, Jenna continued to play small episodic roles in various films and TV series. Conducted charity auctions, film presentations and awards at the "Fur Ball Gala". The last film with her participation is "Splitting up together".

Interesting facts!

  1. For the role of Pam Beasley in the TV series "The office", Fischer was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in the category "Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series" for 2007.

  2. Her first book was published in November 2017.

  3. Cooperates with animal protection organizations Kitten Rescue and Rescue Rover.

  4. Spent several years working as a secretary and receptionist in Los Angeles while pursuing film roles.

  5. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in theater from Kirksville University.

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