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Fifteen Constantly Marrying People! Celebs, Who Wedded At Least 4 Times

Celebs, who got married many times

“One marriage for one life”, our grandparents taught us. “I can get married again”, the modern people say. According to statistics, each second marriage ends with a divorce, so an ordinary person marries about two times per life. But celebs are not ordinary, that’s why it’s almost normal for a famous person to wed 2 times and more. We know that such stars as Marylyn Monroe, Kim Cattrall, Kate Winslet and many others were married three times. We are not surprised, as they are stars. But there are outstanding people, which got married really many times and it was “too much” even for celebs. Who are these tireless warriors for happy family life? Meet them all!

1) Larry King

Larry King Marriages

Number of marriages: 8

“So, you may kiss the bride”, these words Larry King heard at least 8 times. He was married 8 times but had just 7 wives, as he tied the knot with his second wife, a Playboy model Alene Akins, two times, in 1961 and in 1968. Larry was ready to become a husband for the first time at the tender age of 19. He proposed his school sweetheart Frada Miller in 1953. They separated that very year and their marriage was annulled, which made their parents really happy. The famous TV host is currently married an actress Shawn Southwick. They wedded in 1997 three days before his heart surgery and are together till now. The couple brings up two sons.

Larry King with his eighth wife Shawn Southwick

2) Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor Marriages

Number of marriages: 8

Blue-eyed brunette Elizabeth Taylor spent an interesting life. She was a famous actress and had lots of fans all over the world. Her personal life was as saturated as professional one. Like Larry King, she was married eight times and twice she wedded one and the same man. Her first husband was a hotel mogul Nicholas Conrad Hilton Jr, but their marriage lasted for 9 months only. Her fifth and sixth husband was an actor Richard Burton. They say, an actress was so eager to marry again and again as it saved her from depression and sorrow. She divorced with her last husband, a teamster Larry Fortensky, in 1996. Since 2007 Taylor dated an agent Jason Winters, who was 29 years her junior. She was rumored to plan the ninth wedding with him too several months before her death in 2011.

Lyz Taylor with Jason Winters

3) Danielle Steel

Danielle Steel Marriages

Number of marriages: 5

The famous novelist creates sweet romantic stories, which make women all over the world cry and laugh together with her heroines. It is interesting to know, that Danielle was married five times, and each divorce was ended with a new book. Her first husband, Claude-Eric Lazard, a bank worker, inspired Steel to write the novel “The House”. To her second husband, Bill Toth, she devoted two other novels, “Passion’s Promise” and “Remembrance”. She separated from her fifth (the last for now) husband Tom Perkins in 1999 and after that decided that marriage is not the most important thing in her life. Currently the talented writer runs an art gallery and sells her own perfume

Danielle Steel and her ex-husband Tom Perkins

4) Clark Gable

Clark Gable Marriages


Number of marriages: 5

A heart eater Clark Gable captured hearts of all women worldwide, having modeled one of the most attractive male characters in the movie history. His gambler Rhett Butler from “Gone with the Wind” married the main love of his life Scarlett O'Hara. In his real life Clark met the loves of his life (and married them) five times. His first wife, Josephine Dillon, was 17 years his senior. She was not just his wife, but his acting teacher too. They were married during 5 years. Later he tied a knot with Maria Langham, a wealthy socialite, who fell in love with him after seeing Clark in one of his plays. He was also married an actress Carole Lombard, a model Sylvia Ashley and a surfer Kay Spreckels.

Clark Gable and his fifth wife Kay Spreckels

5) James Cameron

James Cameron Marriages

Number of marriages: 5

A famous film director enjoyed great professional success. He directed Oscar-winning “Titanic”, phenomenal “Avatar” and terrifying “Terminator”.  In his free time he had become a real marrying man. The stellar movie maker married 5 times. His first wife was a waitress Sharon Williams. After that he took a vow “for better or for worse” with a producer Gale Anne Hurd, a director Kathryn Bigelow and an actress Linda Hamilton. Currently he is married Suzy Amis, a performer, with whom he has three children. 

James Cameron and his fifth wife Suzy Amis

6) Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton Wives

Number of marriages: 5

The actor Billy Bob Thornton was married five times. His fourth wife was a star Angelina Jolie, with whom they were together in 2000-2003 and adopted a son, named Maddox. He swore not to marry again after his split to Jolie. But in 2014 he changed his mind and wedded with a special effects professional Connie Angland. Previously Billy Bob tied a knot with actresses Toni Lawrence and Cynda Williams and a playboy model Pietra Dawn Cherniak.

Billy Bob Thornton with his fourth wife Angelina Jolie

7) Joan Collins

Joan Collins Husbands

Number of marriages: 5

Probably, she was marrying 5 times in her life because of her dazzling beauty, which made the men love her and propose her. Otherwise the reason of her weddings and divorces was her bad temper. In any case the stellar actress Joan Collins and a sister of a writer Jackie Collins married for the first time at the age of 19. Her husband was an actor Maxwell Reed. Joan was an attractive woman, so she found a new husband immediately after the separation from the previous one. She was walking down the aisle with a songwriter Anthony Newley a businessman Ronald S. Kass and a singer Peter Holm. Her latest husband, Percy Gibson, is 23 years her junior. The couple seems to be happy together.

Joan Collins and her fifth husband Percy Gibson

8) Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese Wives

Number of marriages: 5

A famous film director is the favorite one for Robert DeNiro and Leonardo DiCaprio. These two movie stars rose to fame due to Scorsese’s talented movies. Martin found enough time for an active personal life too. He got married five times and dated many famous and beautiful ladies, without making the relationships official. He was a husband of an actress Isabella Rossellini and a long-term boyfriend of another heroine of our list, Liza Minnelli. He wedded the filmmaker Catherine Scorsese and a writer Julia Cameron. In spite of the great number of marriages, Scorsese had always been insecure with women. He wasn’t incredibly handsome and thought, women liked him for his professional success. He has been married his fifth wife Helen Morris since 1999.

Martin Scorsese and Helen Morris

9) Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth Husbands

Number of marriages: 5

The actress and dancer Rita Hayworth was married 5 times. She was unbelievably beautiful and quite courageous in front of the cameras. Rita was not afraid to portray hot women on the screen (like her Gilda from the movie with the same name). But in her personal life she was quite a shy person, who was not sure, she can attract men’s attention. The star got married for the first time at the age of 19. Her husband was twice her senior and very rich. The businessman and promoter Edward C. Judson helped a debutant Hayworth with her acting career. Later she wedded to Orson Welles, Aly Khan, Dick Haymes and a film producer James Hill.

Rita Hayworth and James Hill

10) Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot Husbands

Number of marriages: 4

A bombshell Brigitte Bardot was married four times. Madame Bardot’s first husband was a film director Roger Vadim, who helped propel her career. They were married for 5 times. After that she wedded an actor Jacques Charrier, who had become the father of her only son. Brigitte considered marriage as an agreement, which can be re-approved, so she had never hesitated to sign divorce papers. By the way, she fell in love without getting marriage certificate many times too. She had affairs with the stars Mick Jagger, Sean Connery and Marlon Brando. Currently she is happy with her fifth husband, a businessman Bernard d'Ormale.

Brigitte Bardot and Bernard d'Omale

11) Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith Husbands

Number of marriages: 4

Melanie Griffith is known as the star of the movies “Working Girl”, “Milk Money”, “Two Much” etc. Her personal life interested journalists and her fans not less than her new roles. The actress was married four times. Twice she married one and the same man, an actor Don Johnson, who had become a father of her daughter, Dakota Johnson (Fifty Shades star). Her fourth and the last for now husband is the actor Antonio Banderas. They met at a film set of “Two Much” and wedded in 1996. The couple separated after 18 years of marriage and now hottie Melanie is looking for a new partner.

Melanie Griffith and her fourth husband Antonio Banderas

12) Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson Husbands

Number of marriages: 4

The hottie Pamela Anderson was a secret dream of almost every man on the planet. No need to say that she had lots of fans, who tried to tempt her and to propose her. Unfortunately, the dazzlingly beautiful woman was not happy in her personal life. She wedded a singer Tommy Lee in 1995 and then the couple recorded a private adult video, which was stolen from their house and became the international hit. The couple separated three years later and Anderson accused her ex in domestic violence. Her second husband was a musician Kid Rock and an entrepreneur Rick Salomon, whom she married twice. They separated in 2015 and for now the beauty is single.

Pamela Anderson and her first husband Tommy Lee

13) Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra Marriages

Number of marriages: 4

The legendary singer Frank Sinatra was looking not just for the best music, but for the best woman as well. He promised, “I do” to 4 different women and with the last of them, Barbara Marx, a socialite, he lived till his death in 1998. Probably, the most famous Sinatra’s wife was his second one – an actress Ava Gardner. She was a rare beauty, 7 years younger than him. They met, when Ava was just 18 and Frank fell in love with her naughty emerald eyes. But then he decided not to touch her, as the starlet was too young. They met several years later, when she separated from her second husband, a wealthy businessman Artie Shaw and they immediately started their passionate romance. Frank divorced with Ava in 1957 and missed her all his life.

Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner

14) Liza Minnelli

Liza Minnelli Marriages

Number of marriages: 4

She wanted to remain independent and couldn’t change her life views just because of some man, who was near her. Probably, that was the reason of Liza’s unhappy marriages. She married a composer Peter Allen at the age of 20 and spent 7 years with him. After that she tied the knot with a film director Jack Haley, Jr. and then divorced in order to start a new family with a sculptor Mark Gero. The actress’s fourth husband was a producer David Gest, with whom the actress and dancer had a long court battle in order to get divorced. Minnelli struggled with both, unhappy marriages and drug addiction. Currently she is single.

Liza Minnelli and  David Gest

15) Ben Kingsley

Ben Kingsley Marriages

Number of marriages: 4

The movie star Ben Kingsley is married for the fourth time nowadays. His wife, an actress Daniela Lavender, is 31 years his younger. Previously Gandhi actor wedded to Angela Morant, Alison Sutcliffe and a socialite Alexandra Christmann. The famous actor, who insists, people should remember about his knighthood and address him as “Sir” fell in love with a former waitress Daniela Barbosa and proposed her to become Lady Kingsley in 2007. Their marriage seemed to most of people quite weird, but the couple seems so happy. 

Ben Kingsley and his fourth wife Daniela Barbosa

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