Big Meech family

Big Meech, also known as Demetrius Flenory, was a notorious figure in the world of organized crime and the co-founder of the Black Mafia Family (BMF). As the leader of this influential criminal enterprise, Big Meech built an empire that spanned across several states and made a significant impact on the drug trade in the United States. However, it is important to note that involvement in criminal activities can have severe legal consequences and negative impacts on individuals and their families.


Big Meech's personal life included a wife whose identity remains relatively private. Being married to a high-profile figure involved in organized crime would undoubtedly bring its own set of challenges. While details about their relationship are scarce, it can be assumed that she experienced the repercussions of Big Meech's criminal activities and subsequent legal troubles.


Big Meech is known to have children, although specific information about them is not widely available. Growing up in a family associated with organized crime can have a profound impact on children's lives, exposing them to risks and challenges. It is important to recognize that the choices made by parents can significantly affect the well-being and future prospects of their children.

Brothers and Sisters:

Big Meech had a brother named Terry Flenory, who was his partner in the Black Mafia Family and played a crucial role in the criminal enterprise. They worked together to establish and expand their drug trafficking operation. The Flenory brothers' involvement in organized crime had far-reaching consequences, not only for themselves but also for their immediate family.

Mother and Father:

Big Meech mother

Information about Big Meech's mother and father is limited. While their names and personal lives are not widely known, it can be presumed that they played a significant role in shaping the character and experiences of their sons, Big Meech and Terry. Like any parent, they likely faced challenges and concerns regarding their sons' criminal activities and the subsequent legal repercussions.

In summary, the Big Meech family includes his wife, children, brothers, sisters, mother, and father. While specific details about their lives and experiences are limited, it is evident that their association with Big Meech's criminal activities and legal troubles would have had a profound impact on their relationships and overall well-being.

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